Why You Should Make Time to Speak for Your Business

Your story may be one of the most powerful tools to move your business in terms of creating customer interest and long-term loyalty. People love to invest their time and support in excellent causes. They like to know the “why” behind the businesses they buy from, and one of the best ways that you can communicate how you came to create your product line or why you began your business is to tell your story. When you speak to community organizations, small groups, at colleges, or in whatever venue makes the most sense for your business, you are building a following of loyal customers who are emotionally invested in seeing you succeed in your venture.

Your story needs to be more than the mission statement on your website or a blurb below your name in product literature sent to prospective investors, however. Your story needs to be told in person, vibrantly, in order to engage listeners on a core level and communicate that you are the best person to meet their needs through your business.

Not sure how to make that happen? Here are three tips to keep in mind when speaking at your next engagement:

Prioritize information.

Prioritize the information your potential customers need to know and hone your story accordingly. There are likely 100 different anecdotes you can share with listeners about who you are and how your business got started, but you need to pick the one that is most compelling.

What do you want people to walk away with? What information do you want at the forefront of their minds? What do you think is the most compelling part of why you began your business, and how do you think that your service will most impact your customers’ lives? Use the answers to these questions to cut out the filler and make every word count.

Choose productively.

Choose the most productive speaking engagements. Where are your customers convening to talk about the issues that drive your business platform? What groups and organizations care about your services and the philosophies underlying your business model?

Though you may have opportunities to speak at any number of venues, your personal story will be most compelling when it is told in the right context and to people who are already ready to listen. When you step off the stage, you are more likely to connect with people on an individual basis, really drive your story home, and help people to understand how your business can best serve their needs.

Be genuine.

Don’t be intimidated into thinking that you have to be someone you’re not, someone “larger than life,” simply because the spotlight is pointed in your direction. More people will hear your story if you are authentically yourself. When you are authentic in your delivery, your story is imbued with an air of honesty – and an honest and trustworthy businessperson sells far more than over-the-top salespeople trying to push their wares.
Relax, take a breath, and focus on making personal connections through your story to make the most impact at every speaking engagement.