Small Businesses Boost Sales with Social Media

While some customers may have been wary of online sales a few years ago, today, shopping via smartphone, tablet, or computer is accepted as normal – and social media is playing a big part. From advertisement links to the insertion of the “buy” button, customers always have the opportunity to buy, and small businesses, as a result, have more opportunities than ever to sell.

You don’t have to be a big company or hire a social media expert to help your business get in on the new “etail” environment and take part in the 5 percent of online retail revenue that is expected to come from social commerce by the end of 2015. Even without a great deal of time or capital, you can use social media to amp up sales. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Have a plan.

What are you going to say? How are you going to say it? Take time to think through your posts and double check the basics (e.g., spelling, grammar, factual information, links, etc.). Every post should have a purpose and position your business and your products in a positive light.

Don’t be afraid to get personal.

Honest and genuine updates about information you’d like to know about your customers and how they are doing with your products or services will engender open communication, build trust, and help you to build a better business.

Learn more about mobile buying.

Social media and mobile devices go hand in hand. More than 1 billion people use the mobile Facebook app, and if they’re buying through Facebook, they are often going to be doing it from a mobile device. Make sure that your site is compatible with these devices and look into making changes if it isn’t.

Utilize the hashtag.

Whatever it is that you’re selling or whatever it is that you would like to talk about that relates to your business, you can draw the eyes of interested viewers by including a hashtag with a relevant term in your post.

Don’t forget the direct link for purchase.

Since your goal is to make a sale, you not only need to remind viewers that they want your product or service but also make it easy for them to immediately buy. A direct link in your posts will enable their purchase power.

Offer a deal.

Social media shoppers are always looking for a great deal, and you can reward their tenacity by offering a discount or special upgrade when they buy now through your social media site. Make it good. Social media users also like to share the great finds they connect with online, so word of mouth can mean that your deal spreads rapidly.

Add a shopping cart whenever possible.

Facebook allows businesses to create a shopping cart right on their Facebook page – yet another tool that will boost your social media sales. Take a look at this cool Facebook e-Commerce app.

Connecting with your customers on social media and connecting those customers to your products is just a matter of consistent and authoritative content that reminds them that you are available with the products and services they need – anytime of the day or night.